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Reverend Nicholas A. Montanino and Reverend Irene B.

Montanino have been married for over 20 years, having

been married by a wonderful minister.It has been our

dream to allow couples to enjoy their ceremony and start

of their life together as much as we did.


Reverends Nick and Irene have performed hundreds of

ceremonies.After discussing the needs and desires with

each couple, they create the beautiful and memorable

event that will be remembered and cherished.


They are ordained ministers of the World Christian

Ministry and live on Long Island with our beautiful



They take great pride in relaxing each couple throughout

the entire planning stage, and have received many

compliments on the type and quality ofthe services they

perform. The best part is they love being a part of each special day.


Reverends Nick and Irene have spentmany years working in catering and work well with all wedding planners and maitre dís to insure your day is memorable.


They are House Clergy for the newly refurbished New Hyde Park Inn andthe magnificent Scotto facilities of Long Island, including The Watermill, Chateau Briand, and The Fox Hollow.†† Together they have officiated in many catering establishments, grand ballrooms, outdoor gardens, or private affairs.


No request is too big, or too small.The greatest benefit of having one of us officiate your ceremony is that we have no rules.Whatever you choose is OKand will be followed to the letter.


Reverend Nicholas A. Montanino

†† Reverend Irene B. Montanino