Congratulations on your upcoming Event!

The journey you are about to make together is one of the most important steps in your life. Marriage is a very transforming, magical, and

enlightening life experience. Your personalized

ceremony is as special as the love you share.


One great way to show your love for each

other is through a customized wedding

or commitment ceremony that reflects the

beauty, commitment, and unity that you share.


Your event should be a personal joyous

and memorable one. It is your day and you

should not compromise your beliefs or traditions.

Reverends Nick and Irene are here to assist

in making your dreams come true.


Please look through our web site. Then call us

With any questions, or to arrange for you service.


Reverend Nicholas A. Montanino

Reverend Irene B. Montanino

Rev. Nick officiating at a service!!!!